Total Over / Under Tips

Friday July 19
Betting Tip
Odds Odds
Total Under 3 56% 2.72
Saturday July 20
Betting Tip
Odds Odds
Total Under 3.5 67% 1.73
Total Over 2.5 66% 1.64
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Over Under Predictions & Tips

With xGscore, you are unstoppable in checking the value of daily odds for crucial events in global or national football competitions and leagues. Test how good your luck, as well as your skills in analytics, is. Our team will provide all the statistics you need, including in-depth data for Over/Under predictions.

What Is Over/Under in Betting?

Simply put, Over/Under predictions take place when a person bets on more or fewer “events” than a specific number. Typically, customers can choose from a wide selection of bets — on total goals, free kicks, penalties, cards, and so forth. For those interested in wagering on the score of football matches, the most popular goals for betting are 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5.

How Does Over/Under Bet Work?

For those wondering why 2.5 goals is a decimal number, the secret is simple — everything to avoid confusion. By steering clear of the exact numbers for predicting football match results, bookmakers increase your winning chances. Let’s take a closer look at some popular options for such betting statistics:

  • Over/Under 0.5 — either one or no goals to win, accordingly.
  • Over/Under 1.5 — scoring two or more times to win an over 1.5 bet or less than two goals to succeed in betting under 1.5.
  • Over/Under 2.5 — bookmakers reward lucky gamblers for betting on over three goals in over 2.5 stakes. In a nutshell, winning conditions in over 2.5 predictions are the losing terms of under 2.5 stakes. Three or more goals are scored, and you succeed in bets over 2.5. In the case of under 2.5 predictions, it is your defeat.

For football matches, a unique kind of handicap can be also applied — it is known as the Asian Line. This makes it possible for the odds on either side to be more comparable, which promotes a higher degree of competitiveness in sports betting. Asian totals over/under 2 and 3 are special — stakes on quarter numbers are possible. In turn, more betting outcomes will define your victory or loss:

  • Asian over 2 — you will win a bet if the target team scores three goals or more. If the number of points coincides, it means you will get your betting amount back. If the game ends with a 1:0 or 0:0 score, it is your loss.
  • Asian under 3 — you can easily understand what this wager means — two or fewer goals to win, three balls to get your stake back, and four or more to lose.

Total Over/Under Predictions on xGscore

With xGscore, it will be as simple as ABC to analyze the previous statistics of the target team (or both) and estimate their chances of scoring one, two, or three goals, and beyond. On the website, you will see Over/Under football tips in an eye-catching and convenient graphic format:

  • You will see betting tips and their probability and odds for winning for today’s schedule of football events.
  • Our experts suggest checking the average xG scored and conceded per match for all games, home/away, or head-to-head games to see what over and under bets are worth it in a particular case.
  • With the user voting feature, you see what other bettors think about this or that outcome and can adjust your strategy if needed. It is a wonderful chance to succeed by learning more with the knowledgeable xGscore community.
  • Indicators like recent xG (scored and conceded) and team form let you determine whether the target team is ready to score or not. 

Betting on Streaks/Trends in Over and Under Predictions

Since you can wager not only on the number of goals to place this type of bet, taking a closer look at the statistics of home and away matches, namely, their featured streaks, will tune your betting strategy for the upcoming match. For instance, in the match between Fulham vs Manchester United in the Premier League, betting on a total under 3.5 for Man United is a nice move — this wager worked in six out of seven matches in the current season. Analogously, under 3.5 for Fulham was the winning outcome in 5 of 6 recent games. 

ROI Stats to Boost Over/Under Bets

ROI stats will contribute to how efficient your betting is overall and minimize your potential losses. With ROI stats for handicaps, total overs, both to score, and other wagers, you are ready to gain the most out of betting markets. Our experts show what stakes are more profitable in given circumstances .

In a nutshell, ROI stats are measured in percentages and defined in this way — profit divided by the amount wagered and then multiplied by one hundred. At xGscore, you see what hypothetical reward you could have worn if the target stake had been successful. This indicator is based on its historical performance.

Let's see an example of betting based on ROI stats in West Ham vs Brentford match, season 2023/24. If we go to Home / Away tab, we'll see that betting $100 on over 2.5 in each home West Ham's game bring us +185% and 18% ROI. On the other side, same betting strategy for Brentford wins $428, because teams scored 3 and more goals on 9 matches out of 11. Thus, over betting is a very profitable option in this game and ROI stats confirmed it.

Over / Under Leagues at xGscore

We offer predictions for numerous leagues and competitions — from MLS to Champions League:

  • La Liga, Bundesliga, and Premier League are the best choice for successful over bets.
  • Italy's Serie A and League will be especially great for under 2.5 wagering.

Aside from odds for total over/under bets, don’t forget to check other key stats to boost your chance of victory — the overall team rating, form, as well as xG predictability and luckiness. With our Poisson distribution calculator, you will have more hands-on experience in calculating and interpreting odds.