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Football predictions based on xG

xG statistics

xG statistics

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xG statistics

About us

xGscore is a new unique platform for analyzing football matches. Every week we publish predictions for matches of the top European championships as well as Champions and Europe leagues.

Our predictions are based on statistics, theory probabilities and neural network algorithms that ultimately form the expected score of the match.

In order to beat the bookmaker, you just need to estimate the probabilities of the match outcomes more accurate than bookmaker does. That is what we are doing. Based on the expected result, we build up our own odds line. At the end we have coefficients and the probabilities of each outcome of the match: win or lose, draw, totals, handicaps and others. All you have to do is compare our odds with the bookmaker's and find best bet based on value bet.

In addition, you have a unique opportunity to influence the prediction. The service provides flexible settings functionality, using it you can specify based on what statistical data to build a prediction.

One of the key thing of our predictions is xG statistics. We use it, during calculations, to determine the expected score and probabilities, which increases the accuracy of the prediction. Also, xg statistics are useful for post-match analysis, where we evaluate the fairness of the result of the match.

xGscore is suitable not only for beginners, but also for professionals . If you already have experience in betting and used to make your own predictions, we will help you to find weaknesses and make you think about correctness of the bet. Otherwise you'll be more confident if our predictions match. We also offer a set of basic betting tools that are necessary for each player.

In the near future, we are planing to increase the number of predicted leagues, expand the necessary functionality for match analysis, including player injuries, ROI statistics and so on. We need your support to speed up the development process. Share a link to this resource with people who would be interested in it, and support us on Patreon.