La Liga Predictions

Spain La Liga Predictions

Spain's La Liga, is often hailed as soccer's second-most prestigious club championship after famous Premier League. For years, the spotlight was on epic clashes between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the country's soccer giants. Today, the competition has heated up with several clubs vying for the top spot. This includes established powerhouses like Atlético Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, and Sevilla, as well as rising stars in Spain. Among these emerging teams, Girona is making a particularly strong impression.

This season has grabbed everyone's attention, and making accurate La Liga predictions has become a real challenge, especially in the betting world. Our platform offers you all the latest stats and in-depth analysis of each round and team's performance. With this info, you can make your own predictions or lean on the insights from our seasoned experts.

When do we release the La Liga predictions?

Nearly every game in La Liga occurs between Friday and Sunday. So, it's smart to make your Spanish league predictions a bit before the next game kicks off. This gives you time to review the teams' condition as they head into the match. For instance, you can check if key players are out with injuries or if anyone's been benched. This information can offer valuable insights for your predictions.

When it comes to football, making long-term Spanish League predictions can be risky, because things can change quickly before the game. Situations like key players missing out can really swing a team's chances of winning or losing. Take, for instance, if Bellingham can't play in the El Clasico, it might boost Barcelona's odds. Our experts crunch all the numbers to offer fair betting odds for every match in the top-tier Spanish competition.

Using xG in predictions for La Liga?

In the world of Spanish football predictions, there's a cool new way to look at things: it's all about calculating each shot as a possible goal. This method measures how likely each kick is to score, with the value getting closer to one the nearer it is to the goal. For example, a penalty is always rated as 0.76, no matter if it's a goal or not. After the game, they add up all these values to show how many goals a team could have scored.

This tool is great for guessing how many goals will be scored in a game or a team's points for the season. To make a good guess, look at about 5 to 10 past games. It's tricky to predict a team's season finish, so why not check out our analysts' data? By diving into all the stats, you'll be set to make smart bets and, with our help, maybe even win some! Therefore, we recommend using the data of our analysts and studying them at

La Liga Tips, Predictions and Betting advice

Nailing the perfect La Liga tips isn't a walk in the park. Sure, you might bet on a match like Girona vs Celta, where a rising star faces an underdog. But even here, it's not guaranteed the favorite won't let in a goal (for example, even Almeria managed to score two against them). So, before you make any predictions in free betting, it's crucial to remember a few key things.

  • study the results between the teams over the past seasons;
  • consider where the match takes place (e.g. Valencia wins more often at home);
  • check whether each team has players who are injured or suspended;
  • check how the team has played against opponents with a similar style of play;
  • analyze the odds on our platform. 

Taking these steps will boost your odds of predicting the right result. Betting on a team or the entire season calls for a well-rounded strategy. On our site, you'll find a detailed prediction for every La Liga game. Leverage our expert analysis to craft your own winning tip.

Spain. La Liga

Spain. La Liga
1 Real Madrid 3270224881
2 Barcelona 3264372770
3 Girona 3267402768
4 Atlético 3259382161
5 Athletic 3252302258
6 R. Sociedad 3246341251
7 Real Betis 324038248
8 Valencia 323534147
9 Villarreal 325155-442
10 Getafe 323844-640
11 Osasuna 323746-939
12 Las Palmas 323039-937
13 Alaves 322838-1035
14 Sevilla 313944-534
15 R. Vallecano 322739-1234
16 Celta 323747-1031
17 Mallorca 312536-1131
18 Cadiz 322245-2325
19 Granada 323361-2818
20 Almeria 323164-3314