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Netherlands Eredivisie Predictions

Dutch Eredivisie, known for its energetic games, is a favorite among football fans who enjoy betting. The league's excitement translates into numerous bets on match outcomes.

At xGscore, we simplify the process of analyzing complex football statistics. The goal of the platform is to predict the outcome of a game with the help of xG data. We keep a close watch on upcoming activities, staying updated with important Dutch football news to give top-notch Dutch Eredivisie predictions. Due to the high pass rate and profitable quotes, this method allows us to create reliable predictions.

When do we release the Eredivisie predictions? 

The website xGscore is dedicated to analyzing the intricate realm of football. Our service is your key to objective Eredivisie predictions grounded on a great scope of data, with an emphasis on xG values.

Football is all about numbers, including goals, time, season statistics, speed, transfer fees, ratios, and profits. The goal of xGscore is to make these statistics easily available to you so that they can support your betting activities.

We aim to offer Dutch league predictions as quickly as possible, usually the day after the previous round, on Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as three days before the match to give you time to think and prepare.

Using xG in predictions for Eredivisie

Our analysis at xGscore is grounded in advanced algorithms and statistical methods. A key part of our approach is the 'expected goals' (xG) statistic. It measures a team's chance-creating effectiveness. We assign a value from 0.01 to 1 to each shot, indicating the likelihood of scoring. The higher the value, the greater the chance of scoring. Expected goals for Eredivise are also part of statistics at xGscore.

xG considers the shot's angle, the body part used, and distance from the goal. Our aim is to offer insights that closely reflect the match events by combining these shot values.

In our xGscore model, we consider goals expected (xG), match date and time, home or away games, and opponent strength. Our xGscore prediction model delves deep into the nuances of each match, meticulously considering the following:

  • the goals anticipated (xG);
  • the game’s date and time;
  • whether it's played at home or away;
  • the opponent’s strength;

Eredivisie Tips, Predictions, and Betting Advice

The Eredivisie is known for fast gameplay and exceptional performances. Teams quickly switch between offense and defense, often leading to high-scoring games.

An interesting aspect of Dutch football is the dynamics in home and away games. Home advantage is less crucial here, with away teams frequently winning. This provides a strategic angle for bettors: analyzing away game stats can predict draws or away victories.

To aim for larger wins, consider betting on top teams. Our tools, like the Poisson calculator for score predictions and the margin calculator for fair odds, aid your betting process. These tools, based on detailed statistical analysis, enable strategic betting in Dutch football. Members can use them to determine match outcomes and place profitable bets.


Netherlands. Eredivisie

Netherlands. Eredivisie
1 PSV34111219091
2 Feyenoord3492266684
3 Twente3469363369
4 AZ Alkmaar3470393165
5 Ajax3474611356
6 NEC3569531653
7 Utrecht355248453
8 Go Ahead Eagles354947249
9 Sparta R.355251149
10 Fortune S.343756-1938
11 Heerenveen345370-1737
12 Zwolle344567-2236
13 Almere City343359-2634
14 Heracles344174-3333
15 Waalwijk343856-1829
16 Excelsior345073-2329
17 Volendam343488-5419
18 Vitesse343074-446