Football betting tools

Betting tools

Every professional has his own tools. What tools does a capper have? First of all, his bank! When you lose your bank, you don't just lose money - you lose a tool that helps you to earn it. However, there are other more tangible tools that increase the effectiveness of your strategy, improve the predictability of the result and help you find more favorable conditions for betting.

What software do cappers use for predictions?

xGscore is a new universal platform that allows you to build your own prediction strategy based on two main parameters - goals and xG. In addition to the main functionality, our site offers three basic tools useful for every capper, beginner or pro - Bookmaker's margin calculator, Surebet calculator and Poisson calculator.

The first one will help you determine which bookmaker has highest odds to make best bet. The second one will allow you to find risk-free options for your bank. The third - will give an approximate understanding of how objective the odds offered by your bookmaker are in terms of sports results.

Poisson calculator

Calculate probabilities of outcomes based on pre-match expected score.

Margin calculator

Reveal real bookmaker's probabilities and fair coefficients.

Surebet calculator

Check if there is arbitrage opportunity to guarantee your profit.


Betting tools