Surebet / Arbitrage calculator for betting

Using our surebet calculator, any player can determine not only the fact of a surebet, but also the optimal amount of bets for each outcome, as well as find out the expected profit in absolute (income) and relative (percentage) terms. The tool allows you to calculate this value for two or three outcomes. You just need to enter the odds of the events and the amount of the pot to bet.

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What is surebet calculator and how to use it?

Competition between bookmakers and errors in the odds calculation sometimes lead to the fact that bettor being able to bet on mutually exclusive outcomes without any risk, and occasionally even profitably.

Situations when one or more bookmakers offer inflated odds, allowing the player to benefit from betting on opposite outcomes, are called surebets. The ratio of the bet size to the guaranteed win is called profit percentage.

Be careful - usage of surebets is prohibited by the rules of a number of bookmakers and may cause your account being blocked.

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