MLS Predictions

After another award was presented to Lionel Messi, more people became interested in the North American Major League Soccer (MLS). It increased the popularity of betting and current USA MLS prediction.

In 2023 season, 29 soccer clubs are participating in the tournament. The competition is divided into two conferences: Western and Eastern. From February to October, teams play 34 matches. Each win is worth three points, and a draw is worth one point. Footballers play 17 games away and 17 at home. Whoever scores the most points receives the Supporters' Shield award.

Since 2019, seven teams from each conference have qualified for the MLS Cup. The winner of this tournament receives the title of cup owner. It is a rather prestigious title, which remains until victory at the next championship.

When do we release the MLS predictions?

Using up-to-date prediction is the basis of successful betting. You can find free predictions before matches even start. But it would help if you understood that they are based solely on analytics. But don’t forget about the players’ current form, the desire to win, substitutions, and intra-club relations.

Predictions for matches appear according to this schedule:

  • next day after previous round;
  • Monday — Tuesday;
  • 3 — 4 days before game.

We publish forecasts in advance and according to a set schedule so that you can familiarize yourself with the results and make the right MLS bets today. Also, this will help you choose a good bookmaker that offers up-to-date odds for matches.

Using xG in predictions for MLS?

There are many platforms where you will find significant USA league soccer predictions. Anyway, you can't be sure these are quality forecasts that will help you place a successful bet. Therefore, we advise using our resource: We calculate the possible result using unique algorithms. The system considers all matches, allowing you to create the accurate result.

The site has analytics from such football matches:

  • home games;
  • away games;
  • head to head;
  • matches against similar opponents.

This division allows you to calculate the result separately for each category. Plus, this makes it possible to quickly find the information you need.

When creating forecasts, we pick the performance of the matches played. At the same time, the algorithm finds the match's location, both opponents' performance, and the conditions. Also, the system considers such parameters as injuries, substitutions, disqualifications, form, and motivation of players. As a result, you will receive an accurate picks.

Major Soccer League predictions by xGscore

xGscore closely monitors and analyzes all football events. You will find Major League Soccer predictions for upcoming matches.

Using forecasts, you can make the following bets:

With the help of professional tip, your betting will become more effective. To see detailed analytics, click on the event. This way, you will see the number of goals scored by each team, the effectiveness of head-to-head meetings and the influence of the human factor on the result.

In addition to forecasts, the site has a list of verified bookmakers where you can place bets on MLS. We show current odds, and offer the best betting platforms.

Tips, Predictions, Advice for MLS and Betting

To place successful MLS bets, you need detailed analytics. But with xGscore, you will significantly save time and use ready-made forecasts. We use proven tools, which allow us to predict results as accurately as possible.

Also, we have prepared several MLS tips. You should not use big sums if you are not sure of the result. You can view team analytics that will help you make the right decision. Use trusted sites for betting. It ensures your hobby is safe and secure.



1 Inter Miami1842271535
2 Real Salt Lake1736191733
3 Cincinnati162316733
4 Los Angeles162819930
5 Minnesota Utd162821729
6 New York City162417729
7 New York RB172923629
8 LA Galaxy173125628
9 Whitecaps162419525
10 Charlotte171818025
11 Columbus Crew142113824
12 Toronto172626024
13 Austin172125-423
14 Dynamo H.161818022
15 Colorado Rapids172931-222
16 Portland183232021
17 Philadelphia162723420
18 Nashville SC162022-219
19 DC United172531-619
20 Seattle Sounders172021-118
21 St. Louis City162325-218
22 Orlando City161624-817
23 Montreal Impact162335-1217
24 Atlanta United162221116
25 Chicago Fire171729-1215
26 Sporting KC172632-614
27 Dallas161825-714
28 Revolution151227-1513
29 SJ Earthquakes162439-1511