Serie A Predictions

Italy Serie A Predictions

The Italian Serie A is considered to be one of the top championships in the football world. At the end of each championship, the 4 teams that have collected the most points participate in the Champions League. The fifth and sixth teams head to the Europa League and the seventh team will take part in the Conference League. Therefore, the fight for the top 4 in each season is very active.

There are established leaders in this championship, but regularly strong mid-table sides score a lot of goals and fight for European Cup places. Therefore, it’s very difficult to make a Serie A predictions independently. To make correct predictions, you need to conduct complex analytics and study the teams` results. Our analytics help to make the consumers' prediction methods and bettors will be able to understand the specifics of such calculations faster.

When do we release the Serie A predictions?

Like in the English Premier League, Serie A teams play 38 rounds each season. Since 7 teams participate in the European Cup, there are almost no matches on weekdays. Predominantly, the rounds of the season are played from Friday to Sunday (sometimes one match can be played on Monday). 

A stable calendar allows you to make correct Serie A predictions. Our experts are ready to provide their predictions for each team's match on Monday-Tuesday. Accordingly, already 3-4 days before the game, bettors can take our tip and bet on the selected match. 

The analysts of our site conduct a thorough check the current state of the team and study the statistics of individual players, their current tone, and the entire team's capabilities. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to take into account the most variables that can affect the Italian championship matches. Therefore, we offer our bettors fair odds and fair predictions for every game.

Using xG in predictions for Serie A

To correctly make the Italy Serie A prediction, it’s necessary to use modern methods of prediction, among which take into account such a parameter as xG. With its help in each game, the probability of a goal after each shot on goal is taken into account. The distance to the goal at the time of the kick has a determining value in this calculation. For example, a penalty kick is automatically counted in the result of this coefficient as 0.76. In this case, it does not matter whether a goal was scored. In the end, all kicks and their coefficients are summed up and it is displayed how many goals the teams should have scored. In general, this coefficient corresponds to the number of goals. 

In betting, this indicator is extremely important. It helps to predict several possible parameters for betting. Most bettors use it to calculate the number of goals scored per match. However, it is difficult to use this parameter correctly when analyzing. Therefore, it is best to check your calculations with the results of our analysts at This approach will help you make accurate predictions and earn money using the xG parameter.

Serie A predictions by xGscore

Forming on Italian league prediction, you need to act very carefully. First of all, you should take into account at least the results from the last 5 matches. For a more accurate free prediction analysis 10 matches. Based on the number of goals scored during this time, as well as taking into account the meetings between the teams, the calculation of the coefficient is made. And if it is more difficult to bet on Juventus-Napoli football matches (in such matches both teams are likely to score, but it's difficult to determine the winner), then in Inter-Salernitana matches Nerazzurri has many times higher odds to win.

Serie A Tips, Predictions and Betting advice

Forming the correct Serie A tips is not easy. Italy may have a less competitive championship than England, but there is also a lot to see here. Today, many average teams can take points away from the top clubs. Except that matches with obvious outsiders are easy to predict, but there are not the biggest earnings there. 

Before making a prediction, we recommend:

  • analyze the matches between the teams over several seasons;
  • look at the last home and away participants' match results;
  • analyze the favorite teams` tactical schemes to determine who can more easily open the opponent's defense and score goals;
  • view the odds offered on our platform. 

Such actions will help you get oriented faster and make a correct prediction. When betting on long-term results, you need to consider many factors. On our site, you will find fair odds for any Italian championship match and will be able to form your strategy for earning.




Italy. Serie A

Italy. Serie A
1 Inter 2459124763
2 Juventus 2538172154
3 Milan 2549311852
4 Atalanta 2447232445
5 Bologna 2537231445
6 Roma 2545301541
7 Fiorentina 253729838
8 Lazio 242926337
9 Napoli 243328536
10 Torino 242320336
11 Monza 252530-533
12 Genoa 252631-530
13 Lecce 252439-1524
14 Udinese 252538-1323
15 Frosinone 253252-2023
16 Empoli 251938-1922
17 Verona 252334-1120
18 Sassuolo 242945-1620
19 Cagliari 252346-2319
20 Salernitana 252051-3113