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Europa League Predictions

The Europa League is one of the oldest football tournaments among club competitions. It was first held back in 1971 but was renamed the UEFA Cup a year later. However, since 2009 it has been returned to its original name. Today it is the second most important tournament in Europe among soccer clubs and already 14 draws are held.

Of course, less attention is paid to it than to the Champions League. But the first-tier teams also play here. 

In different seasons you can notice that the top European clubs (Liverpool, Atalanta, West Ham United, Olympique Marseille, Bayer Leverkusen, etc.) were playing in the group stage and scored a goal. Also, the most frequent winner of this cup was Spanish Sevilla. But apart from the big clubs, this tournament is an opportunity for well-known European teams to play international matches in case they are left out of the Champions League.

At such tournaments, there are very interesting matches. Therefore, learning how to make correct Europa League predictions is extremely difficult. To correctly build predictions, we recommend using the analytics of our experts and analyzing their advice in this article.

When do we release the Europa League predictions? 

Before we start building Europa League predictions, we need to understand the timing of the tournament. As in the Champions League, Europa League matches are played between September and May except for the qualifiers, which usually take place in several stages in July and August. 

All matches from the season are played predominantly on Thursday. Accordingly, our analysts publish their own UEFA Europa League predictions no later than Tuesday of the week in which the games are scheduled to be played. To publish a correct prediction, we use modern mathematical analysis. Firstly, we rely on the xG stats and expected goals' calculation.

Using xG in predictions for Europa League

To form correct Europa cup predictions, users need to consider the xG coefficient in their calculations. It is based on the Poisson distribution system and it takes into account the probabilities of events at a certain location per unit of time. Using this approach, it is possible to predict a bet on how many goals will be scored in a particular match. In doing so, the bets have their last results for calculation. 

The specific weight for each result will depend on the location of the match, the level of the home and away teams, the date of the game, etc. After analyzing all the data, the probabilities of goals scored and the final predicted result are formed. Since the most common results in soccer are 0:0, 1:0, 0:1, 1:1, 2:0, 2:1, and 1:2, they have the highest percentage of probability. Results with numerous goals are much rarer. 

In addition, you will be able to bet on the results of a particular match, number of goals, double chances, totals for multiple games, etc. Thanks to our calculations you will be able to correctly predict the selected matches in the Europa League. 

For a correct prediction, every piece of advice from experienced analysts is important. Foremost, check the capabilities of each team through the statistics of their games. You can get access to such data at Also, look at the history of the tournament and what kind of squad the teams put up for the match.

UEFA Europa League predictions by xGscore

A little easier to make the right Europa Cup predictions after the teams have already played 3 rounds. To bet on a Europa League match, users need to carefully study all the information about the upcoming match.

On xG score you can find the basic statistics of the team's results both in the tournament itself and in domestic championships and cups. It can be accessed free of charge. Also, the site displays all the important data for forming a correct forecast and betting industry bet. With the help of the predictions built, you can make correct bets and earn money faster. 

There is a lot to watch in this tourney. The biggest drawback to this tournament is that some teams don't take it very seriously. For example, several top clubs in England field double-teams for matches. Because of this, outsider clubs can win.  For the correct prediction, we recommend you use our general tips for beginner bettors.

Europa League Tips, Predictions and Betting advice

The Europa League is a very interesting tournament, but not all teams have a chance to win it. For correct predictions, we recommend you use the mentioned Europa League tips:

  • analyze the squads of the teams before predicting because not all football clubs take this tournament seriously and may field a duplicate squad for the match;
  • check the team's match statistics for the last few rounds in different tournaments;
  • make sure that there are no injuries to the leading players in the team;
  • check the reactions of other bettors to the offer the bets and odds (on our site you can put likes or dislikes to each proposed variant of the result);
  • it is best to bet on the winner starting from the play-off round (it will add the teams that finished 3rd in their groups at the Champions League group stage).

By taking advantage of our tip users will be able to build a correct prediction for a Europa League match faster and earn good money. So do not ignore the above tips and make correct predictions together with xGscore.


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