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Germany Bundesliga Predictions

Welcome to xGscore! Here you will find the latest betting suggestions and football league predictions. Every result is based on a detailed analysis of the league table and each participant’s performance as of today and their prior activities. You will get to know the top three teams of the current season in Germany and figure out the probability of other teams gaining momentum and changing the course of events.

All you need is to select the game scheduled next to see its prospective outcomes in detail. Stay tuned for more!

When Do We Release the Bundesliga Predictions?

You will be able to make a well-thought-out betting decision several days ahead of the target football event. Our Bundesliga betting predictions are regularly posted on the website and take place three to four days before the match. Visit our site the following day after the previous round is over, on Mondays and Tuesdays, to check the forecast for the next meeting.

Using xG in Predictions for Bundesliga

Compared to simple stats like possession and shots, the xG approach helps us comprehend the quality of the target player’s or team’s performance in Germany more in-depth and accurately. This technology comes in handy to get measurable insights not only about their goals and match scores. 

Here are some of the crucial variables, xGscore considers in forming its score and predictions:

  • xG scored and conceded goals in 5 recent matches;
  • xG Luckiness and Predictability as an average season value for each team;
  • xG against similar opponents and Head-to-head matches.

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Bundesliga Predictions by xGscore

At xGscore, we combine neural network algorithms and xG statistics to predict the probability of different game results. Such computational measurements are data-driven and event-based. Given several parameters to analyze and estimate, the chance to win isn’t luck-dependent anymore.

Our specialists advance your decision-making capacity by presenting important data from different sources in one place. Without switching between bookmakers, you can check both teams to score, total, and correct score odds different bookmakers and compare them to what xGscore states.

Bundesliga Tips, Predictions, and Betting Advice

Our team of experts backs up every bundesliga prediction of home or away win with precise wager size recommendations, highlighting the likelihood of succeeding in a bet. We offer several advanced calculation values for free, letting you base your betting decision on accurate statistics and analytics. 

You will be able to check the Value bet to estimate the prospective match’s outcome before it’s held. With the Error parameter, we show what odds chances are expected to result in the most advantageous ROI — the smaller the Error value, the better. This and other state-of-the-art predictions are available for those subscribing to our Premium service package.

Final Thoughts

On the xGscore website, you will locate exclusive and data-driven predictions for the results of different matches and head-to-head battles during the current season of the German Bundesliga. With straightforward access to the most recent statistical information and league standings, you can choose your bet and its size for a soon-to-be-held game.


Germany. Bundesliga

Germany. Bundesliga
1 Bayer3489246590
2 Stuttgart3478393973
3 Bayern M.3494454972
4 RB Leipzig3477393865
5 Borussia D.3468432563
6 Eintracht345150147
7 Hoffenheim346666046
8 Heidenheim345055-542
9 Werder344854-642
10 Freiburg344558-1342
11 Augsburg345060-1039
12 Wolfsburg344156-1537
13 Mainz343951-1235
14 Borussia M.345667-1134
15 Union343358-2533
16 Bochum344274-3233
17 Koln342860-3227
18 Darmstadt343086-5617