Team's Betting Tips

Tomorrow July 18
Betting Tip
Odds Odds
Away No lose 65% 1.74
Home Win 62% 1.63
Home Win 60% 1.61
Away Handicap (+1) 65% 1.85
Home Handicap (-1) 62% 1.74
Home Win 64% 1.77
Away Handicap (+1.5) 73% 1.47
Away Handicap (+1.5) 85% 1.20
Away Handicap (0) 60% 1.88
Home Win 64% 1.97
Away No lose 77% 1.43
Away Handicap (+1.5) 70% 1.46
Home Handicap (0) 77% 1.44
Away Handicap (+1) 55% 1.71
Away Win 47% 2.30
Home Win 62% 1.53
Away Handicap (+1) 67% 1.56
Away Handicap (+1) 64% 2.24
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xGscore Betting Guide

How to bet on xGscore predictions?

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Football Betting Tips for Today

Welcome to xGscore! Here you will find free predictions, odds and bets for a great selection of teams, matches, and leagues in the realm of international football. Our suggestions and statistics meet multiple betting needs, whether you are interested in wagering on the game’s result, both to score, over/under tips, and much more.

The xGscore team has got you covered with in-depth football predictions today and not only — check our site’s tabs to see precise and data-driven football match predictions for today, tomorrow, and the upcoming week. We’ve ensured you won’t waste a single moment and get the target data instantly — just sort the results by league and time. If you interested in tomorrow's predictions, please visit this link.

What’s Special About xGscore Predictions Today?

At the xGscore website, you will find exclusive betting advice based on mathematical computer algorithms and xG technology. Our football predictions today are always accurate and up to date. Not only can you get information about wagering, including correct score predictions on football match outcomes and trends, but also you will easily check the performance of teams and leagues and their winning chances overall.

To get to know more about xGscore predictions and how they function, feel free to click here: Here are some other things that distinguish xGscore football tips and analytics.

Betting on Streaks/Trends

Our savvy and astute technology automatically identifies the best league, football teams’ trends, and streaks. Don’t miss the opportunity to take the most out of such an accurate analysis of your favorite performer or league in several betting markets we cover. Streaks tips are free for famous Premier League and Champions League.

In the 2023/24 season's match between Man City and Bournemouth, over 2.5 bets will make sense, a lot. How do we know that? Take a look at their previous streaks:

  • In the Premier League, the home team scored three goals and above in 9 out of 11 games.
  • In the case of the away team, this condition was satisfied in all 5 latest matches.
  • Overall, streaks/trends betting norms tell us that following the flow and going for different kind of bets. Additionally, you are able to check here streaks on home or away side and even Head-to-head trends between selected teams. 

Betting based on ROI Stats

We assist in estimating ROI for particular bets and football match outcomes, ensuring your investment will reach the peak of its possible efficiency from both short-term and long-term perspectives. You will get ROI stats for both to score, total over and under, and other types of bets. This data is expressed in percentages, and our experts will be glad to provide more details on the topic.

ROI stats come in handy to define teams with a better historical performance. The xGscore team can determine what betting markets are lucrative for teams that participate in the target match or league. With the analysis of their former performances, among other factors, this strategy shows what award could have been obtained in the case of a $100 wager on a particular game's outcome.

Let’s interpret some of the ROI statistics for the match between Man United vs Galatasaray in the Champions League 2023/24:

  • Galatasaray has a good defence. Betting $100 on Handicap +1.5 in their recent 7 games brings +$369 to your bankroll with 53% of ROI. 
  • Manchester United in decline. In last 20 games, they lost 16 times with Handicap -1.5, so opposite bets was profitable by 18% ROI and would add another $352 to your account.
  • On ROI stats page, you can also check performance of home or away games separately or ROI similar opponents matches. This is very useful, for example, to see how well the underdog plays against top teams.

User Voting

This function helps interested parties get a deeper insight into football predictions today and see what other bettors think about this or that team or league. Accompanied by the ROI stats from our experts, it easily boosts your confidence in the betting decisions you are going to make — especially if the voting result is over 90%. Get the most out of the knowledge of our experts and other skilled bettors for free.

What Kind of Football Tips We Publish?

Our football predictions today involve several data analysis techniques, including the Poison distribution calculator for betting and other tools. You can compare the provided statistics with what other bookmakers say right away — no need to check other platforms. With valuable betting insights from xGscore, you are up in arms to prove your expertise in both home and away football markets.

Result (1 x 2)

We will help you decide whether the target match has more chances of an away win, a home win, or a draw. Just check it out!

Double Chance (1x, x2, 12)

Secure your stake with more expanded winning terms by betting on two distinctive outcomes at the same time. You can select from these outcomes — any team’s success, an away win with a probability of a draw, or a home win with a chance of a draw.

Handicap (0, -1.5, +1.5 and others)

This common strategy is widespread in score-based sports like soccer and increases your chance to place a more effective stake. The idea behind the concept is to provide a team with a boost or drop for that particular match by adding or subtracting goals. Also known as the Asian line, it makes varied odds more or less similar and evens the winning outcome in such a money-earning competition.

Let's understand out one of the popular bet on our website, Handicap Away (+1.5). This means that guest team will get +1.5 extra goals to the end score. If the game final result is 2:1, our bet is successful because away team won with handicap 2:1+1.5 = 2:2.5. It also works the other way around for Handicap Home (-1.5), you just need to subtract "negative goals" from the team you bet on. In other words, if goals difference more than 1 goal you won (2-0, 3-1, 3-0).

The benefit of a Handicap (0) is that the final score doesn’t influence your winning chance if the target team succeeds. In the case of a draw, you will get your investment back. Excellent bet option if we are not sure in team's victory, but convinced that they will not lose.

Other Bets

At the xGscore site, there are other betting scenarios available to choose from:

  1. Overs/unders tabs — don’t hesitate to get more specific with the number of kicks, corners, goals, penalties, and other parameters during the match.
  2. Both to score — take a close look at the team rating and other key stats at xGscore to estimate whether both competitors are full of energy and well-prepared to score at least once during their meeting.
  3. Correct score — if you want to take your betting accuracy to the next level, that is a brilliant not-to-miss wager. Unlike over/under bets, where you predict teams to score two goals or more, for example, this stake will require the most accurate and precise football prediction.

What Leagues Are Covered?

Let’s be more precise about what prediction today, you can check on the xGscore website:

Please note, the list of leagues we analyze and use to back up your betting strategies may vary, depending on what major and minor football events take place during the target season.

How to Improve Your Football Betting

Whether you prefer free or Premium guidance (for mastering accurate betting size in given before-match circumstances) from the xGscore team, it won’t be extra to take a closer look at how our site lives. Its functionality is intuitive and has a lot of unique hints and suggestions to offer to make your betting experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible. With the xGscore betting guide, you are halfway to winning your bets!