UEFA Euro 2024: Predictions and Overview

UEFA Euro 2024: Predictions and Overview
  • Tournament: 2024 UEFA European Football Championship
  • Location: Germany.
  • Dates: June 14th – July 14th, 2024.
  • Format: 24 national teams, 6 groups (4 teams each).
  • Start: June 14th, 23:00, Munich, Allianz Arena, Group A: Germany vs. Scotland.
  • Final: July 14th, 23:00, Berlin, Olympiastadion.

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship marks the 17th continental tournament in Europe. Germany hosted this football event only once before: in 1988 (as West Germany back then) before the country was reunified. Germany has won the European championship three times — in 1972, 1980, and 1996. Spain and Germany share the first place in terms of the number of trophies they've won.

Qualified Teams For Euro 2024

24 national teams will participate in the upcoming European Championship tournament; 20 of them qualified through the group stages. The list includes France, Belgium, England, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Scotland, Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Albania. Three more teams advanced through playoff matches: Ukraine, Poland, and Georgia. Germany qualified immediately as the host.

Aside from learning about the qualifying teams, it's also interesting to learn about the notable teams that couldn't make it to the final stage of the European Championship. Among the unsuccessful teams this time are some highly reputable teams that failed to qualify for the European Championship, including Sweden, Greece, Norway, Wales, Israel, and others.

Venues And Regulations Of Euro 2024

Germany easily secured the right to host the European Championship, as its only opponent was Turkey, which was not considered a strong contender due to its recent performance. Moreover, Germany hosted the Euro 36 years ago, so it's the only other time since that event in the past. 

The participants are split into 6 groups, each consisting of 4 teams. After the group stage, the tournament progresses to the Round of 16, which then also leads to a playoff format like other stages. The top two teams from each group and the four best third-placed teams (in each of the four groups) advance to the next stage.

Ten cities will host 51 matches of the tournament. The list includes stadiums and their capacities:

  • Berlin — Olympiastadion (71,000).
  • Munich — Allianz Arena (66,000).
  • Dortmund — Signal Iduna Park (62,000).
  • Stuttgart — Stuttgart Arena (51,000).
  • Gelsenkirchen — Arena AufSchalke (50,000).
  • Hamburg — Volksparkstadion (49,000).
  • Frankfurt — Frankfurt Arena (47,000).
  • Düsseldorf — Düsseldorf-Arena (47,000).
  • Cologne — Cologne Stadium (43,000).
  • Leipzig — Leipzig Stadium (40,000).

Groups And Favorites Of Euro 2024

Hamburg hosted the draw on December 2, which determined all groups. As always, the most exciting to watch groups are the so-called «Groups of Death,» currently there are two of them, B and D on the following list:

  • A: Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Hungary. 
  • B: Spain, Italy, Croatia, Albania. 
  • C: England, Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia. 
  • D: France, Netherlands, Austria, Poland. 
  • E: Belgium, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania. 
  • F: Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey, Georgia.

Currently, bookmakers don't designate any team a certain advantage in the fight for the trophy. Their current general Euro 2024 predictions (with odds and a potential winning percentage) are as follows:

  • England – 4.50 (22%). 
  • France – 4.50 (22%). 
  • Germany – 7.00 (14%). 
  • Spain – 9.00 (11%). 
  • Portugal – 10.00 (10%). 

The lowest odds from bookmakers are for Albania, Georgia, and, rather unexpectedly, Slovakia – all with odds of 501 (0.2%). Moreover, bookmakers don't seem to believe in such teams as Belgium (recently considered unbeatable), ever the favorite Italy, and the promising Netherlands — all these teams have identical odds of 17.00 (6%).

Form Of Favorites

France and Spain are likely to emerge considerably battered from their matches. England, Portugal, and Belgium have rather "easy" opponents. Germany faces physically demanding opponents in their upcoming matches.


The team fell into a deep pit under the guidance of Hansi Flick — out of 6 exhibition games, the Germans lost 4 and won only 1. In the end, they suffered defeats to Poland, Colombia, and Japan. Even under Nagelsmann, the team struggled until the end of the year, but had a revival in the spring: 2 wins out of 2, as they defeated France 2-0 and the Netherlands 2-1. The team is quite experienced — the average age is 28.3 years, and even older for the main team. But when the Germans are properly motivated, they are capable of defeating anyone.


The most expensive team in the world — the value of its players combined exceeds 1.5 billion euros. Southgate's squad has played 12 matches in the last year, with 8 wins, 3 draws, and only 1 loss, against Brazil and with a minimal score. The goal difference in these games is quite convincing — 29 goals scored against 7 conceded. Perhaps, Euro 2024 predictions for England are even better than for France. 


It's the second most expensive team in Euro, with a total sum of its players equalling 1.2 billion euros. France has a strong and balanced team in all lines with good bench support. The team has played 12 matches during the year and lost only 2 of them, both of which were friendlies against Germany. They also had 1 draw and 9 wins.

The general goal difference is 36 scored against 9 conceded. An important detail is that 14 goals were scored against Gibraltar in one game. In the qualifying group, they conceded only in 2 matches, winning 6 outright: very strong, but not very stable. Many experts consider them the top contenders in the race for the championship.


This country's national team is three-time European champions, twice in the modern era —in 2008 and 2012, and also champions of the world in 2010. After a generational shift and a long decline, the team won the UEFA Nations League in 2023. Spain has recorded 2 losses, 2 draws, and 8 wins out of 12 matches during the last year. 

They scored 30 goals and conceded 10 throughout the matches. Their current attack lineup raises concerns — all 3 center-forwards are over 30. The odds for "La Furia Roja" to triumph in this European Championship are lower than usual.


This national team is very young (if not counting Ronaldo and Pepe). Portugal has a strong lineup with a truly impressive midfield. The country has won prestigious tournaments in the past, like the UEFA European Champions in 2016 and the UEFA Nations League in 2019. 

They played 12 matches in the last year, winning 11 and losing 1. They scored 41 goals and only conceded 6 in these matches. Many Euro 2024 tips describe Portugal as a very promising underdog — Goal magazine ranked Portugal 2nd in its championship contenders ranking.

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