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World Cup - xG (Expected Goals)

The World Cup. It's 3 words that make people from all over the world to cling TV screens, and watch their lovely country fight on their thorny way to the final. These days, roar of a football fans and footballers is thundering and discharging the sky. Our platform doesn’t forgive us if we skip this event. So, this article is dedicated to best sport tournament of the world.

The xGscore project is like an Atlant, that is holding on its shoulders the sky, made from statistics, math, and analysis. Daily, we calculate expected goals for matches and plenty of other indicators, which are flowing through our program codes. World Cup xG statistic, of course, would not become an exception.

Just take a glance at footballers: Billingham, Neymar, Musialla, Mbappe, Lewandowski, Messi, De Jong, Maguayer finally. This list can be continued endlessly! Perhaps, we are watching at the strongest footballers' age for the majority of national teams. This scattering of stars just can’t give us anything else but a game of beauty and an abundance of goals.

Regarding expected goals, we already have written an article. Now we will take only a head thought from there. xG statistics - it’s the probability of a goal (scored or conceded) outgoing from the position of ball on the field, as well as players' positions: attacker, goalkeeper, defenders, shot power, and some less meaningful indicator.

History of xG in The World Cup

Expected goals in the World Cup firstly appeared due to one football professor, simultaneously coach of the Norwegian team in World Cup-94 and World Cup-98, Egil Drillo Olsen. “I can't trust a 1-0 win if we only got one shot, which was a goal, and the opponent, at the same time, shots 10 times. In the same way, I will never dwell on a 0-1 defeat if my team had 10 shots and the opponent had just 1,” he said.

Thinking in this way, Egil could not help but do what he did. He delimited the football field into areas of strong, medium and low threat to the goalkeeper. This is how the first xG system was born, thank you, Egil Ohlson. By the way, do you know how the Norwegian team played then? At the first World Cup, the team failed in a strong group E with Mexico, Italy and Ireland, although all teams scored 4 points each. But in the second attempt in 1998, they took a second place, one point behind Brazil, and then lost in ⅛ against strong Italy 0:1.

The statistics of Expected Goals in World Cups is a relatively recent tool. So, for example, accurate xG information was obtained only from the last World Cup. Then in the final France fought with Croatia. Both teams scored a total of 6 goals. The statistics of the finals is unusual (the previous two finals ended with a score of 1:0). At the same time, the statistics of expected goals wasn’t matched in a scoreboard. France left the field with indicators of 1.18, and Croatia 1.70, but if we ignore an anomaly mistake of the goalkeeper - Hugo Lloris, it would be equal to 0.7.

New Level of xG in Qatar World Cup 2022

Now, it is impossible to imagine a team that does not use Expected Goals system. Everything was captured by statistics. Buying a new club, owners tend to hire companies to track the performance of their players, keeping track of almost every move they make on the pitch.

The accuracy of the calculations has increased significantly by the upcoming World Cup. The system takes into account the level of the player, his condition, focus on the target, the skill of the goalkeeper. How else? If some 1-2% statistical value can play a decisive role and help score a goal to your team.

2022 World Cup predictions based on xG is available for you on the main page of our site. There you can collect your accumulator by yourself or place a bet based on our calculations. We also highlight those events which probabilities, exceed the betting odds by 5-7%.

Let’s carefully follow an xG indicators at the WC 22. Fortune accompanies many teams. But it also gives rise to potential, which should be smoothed out at a distance. Evaluate all the pros and cons of your predictions and feel free to use our platform provided data. Let the World Cup 2022 be your performance as well.